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Lycée Professionnel Raoul Mortier
avenue de l'Europe 72
86500 Montmorillon
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Brigitte Charotte
Directrice déléguée aux formations IR A I professionelles et technologiques
avenue de l'Europe 72
86500 Montmorillon
Phone: +33 06 22 87 54 14

The Lycée Raoul Mortier has been committed to a "quality approach" for several years. This work was completed by the certification of the establishment in 2014. The new "High school for energy and business services" was born. This recognition of the work accomplished is an encouragement to continue efforts aimed at the success and development of all.
In this spirit, the school's project affirms in its first axis the desire to develop quality and facilitate the integration of new pupils.
The second axis is centered on educational and pedagogical projects which are the engine of individual and collective successes. They also lead high school students to become responsible citizens and adults who will contribute to economic development through the skills acquired.

The third axis is oriented towards openness and academic ambition. The pupils are encouraged to discover new horizons so that their personality is strengthened by expanding to other places, other cultures, other ways of thinking and doing. We know that this openness can be the basis of the respect and tolerance that we must have towards others and which allows our societies to live in peace.
For these ambitious goals, we need everyone. Confident in the strength and dynamism of youth, we know they are capable of meeting the challenges that will be presented to them.

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