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BZEE consultants are experts in all aspects of establishing a successful training facility for the wind industry - from train-the-trainer courses to training facility equipment and certification. Contact us today to find out how to become a BZEE partner and kick-start your entry into the rapidly growing wind industry training sector!

We offer a complete package for training providers:

Preparation is everything - Expert consulting for GWO certification
BZEE can offer you expert consulting in advance of GWO certification. If you want to be fully prepared for any eventuality and avoid costly mistakes that may delay the certification process, BZEE has you covered. Our consultants are experts in all aspects of GWO certification and are instructors for the GWO Auditor Qualification Training (AQT), giving you peace of mind whilst saving you time and money. Contact us today and get the support you need to become a successful GWO training provider.


Benefits of BZEE membership:

BZEE has a proven track record and is your one-stop-shop for success in the competitive wind industry training sector. Become a member of our exclusive network today!