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Lycée Gustav Eiffel - GRETA 21 Académie Dijon
avenue Champollion 15
21000 Dijon
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Sylvain Lacroix
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avenue Champollion 15
21000 Dijon
Phone: +33 3 80 44 90 41
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Yamina Haneche
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avenue Champollion 15
21000 Dijon
Phone: +33 3 80 54 38 43

College Profile & History

In the sixties, the Ministry of National Education in agreement with the city of Dijon, decided to create a high-level technological high school.

Opened at the start of the 1966 school year, the lycée already housed, in addition to training leading to the baccalaureate, Sections of Superior Technicians and Preparatory Classes for Grandes Écoles (CPGE).
Over the years, having adopted the surname of a prestigious engineer from Dijon, the Gustave Eiffel high school consolidated its image as an establishment specializing in advanced training.

With more than 1,540 students, including 340 interns, supervised by 150 teachers and 90 administrative, service and reception staff, the school occupies a green space of some 7 hectares to the east of the city of Dijon, two steps from the sports complex, its grounds and gymnasiums, its swimming pool and its climbing wall.

The strength of the school is the strength represented by its scientific and technological vocation: only the S and STI2D baccalaureates are prepared there , extended by the Higher Technician Sections and the corresponding scientific preparatory classes. This presupposes efficient equipment and above all very competent teams.

The high school is also the only one in the Academy to welcome students preparing for the competitive examinations of the École Normale Supérieur de Cachan, for the two routes: D1 (Legal route) - D2 (Economic route).
Our project is based on two propositions: the search for excellence and the success of all .

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Success has always been there, Eiffel being without exception above the academic or national success rates of all the exams prepared. As for the “Prépa” students, they all enter a School in two or three years; the “Cachan” preparation is regularly placed in the national leading peloton. Success and excellence are also reflected in the follow-up of students, help to provide them, relations with parents, and the development of the role of students and parents in the establishment.

Eiffel is also the training of adults. Within the framework of GRETA21 , actions are carried out with companies or the Region in specific areas such as the operation of automated machines, numerical control, electronics, electrical accreditation, live work (for which GRETA is certified ISO 9001), wind power. Finally, openness is also developed internationally. This is an important part of the establishment project, supported by new communication technologies.

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