Dalane videregående skole

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Dalane videregående skole
Sjukehusveien 10
4371 Egersund

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Tor-Magne Rotevatn
Sjukehusveien 10
4371 Egersund
Phone: +47 51 46 34 03

Dalane upper secondary school lays an important part of the foundation for the future in Dalane. We are a regional school with a wide range of subjects within both vocational and study specializing subjects, our own education center, online school, and a well-developed international collaboration. More than 130 employees work here to provide close to 700 students with a broad and good educational offer.
Dalane upper secondary school is important for the entire Dalane region. The vast majority of young people in the region come here to receive education, both professionally and socially. The young people are with us in a period of life where the first part of adulthood is shaped and staked out. They have many and big questions about subjects and about life, and a great need for belonging and care.

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To parents and guardians
During the period when your youth is a student at Dalane upper secondary school, we want a good collaboration. We therefore invite you to be in dialogue with the student's contact teacher about small and large things that may be important for the education, and for everyday life here at school. Our experience is that dialogue and openness are in the best interests of the student.

To the region
The school is a regional player with special competence in training. We want close collaboration with municipalities and local businesses on work practices, entrepreneurship and various work assignments, which are important parts of students' education. In addition, it is important for us to know the training needs in the region, both today and for the future, in order to be able to deliver training that is relevant to working life in the region. A successful collaboration makes the students equipped for working life, and meets municipalities and local business needs for labor.

Learning for all - always

With the school's vision, we want to signal that school is primarily an arena for learning. The students must develop good subject competence in the subject area the student has chosen. In addition, the student must learn and develop skills for life: health and life skills, democracy and co-operation, and sustainable development. When we say - always, this is, among other things, an expression that we all always have more to learn, we are never taught. It is therefore an important goal that we all should preserve the desire to learn.

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