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Anemos France
avenue de Stalingrad 58
21000 DIJON
Contact #1
Zuzana Schuddinck
Director of Anemos France, First Aid & Manual Handling Trainer
avenue de Stalingrad 58
21000 DIJON
Phone: +33 (0)
Contact #2
Sven Schuddinck
Training Administration
avenue de Stalingrad 58
21000 DIJON
Phone: +33 (0)

Anemos France is a certified GWO and BZEE supplier based in Dijon, France created in September 2020. This training center offers initial and refresher trainings for wind turbine technicians or any public working in the industry.

Anemos France is a small team of experienced and highly skilled trainers that have been working in the wind industry for years.

As a training center willing to satisfy their customers, Anemos France travels accross the country to different centers to deliver the four obligatory GWO modules and other industrial modules. However, they have a high quality training center in Dijon. The module Working at Heights is performed in a real nacelle on a 6m high training tower in the lycée Eiffel in Dijon. This allows technicians to be formed in real life conditions and has a major impact on the quality of the training.

The GWO center also rents the Windlab in Amiens for clients close to this center.

We are currently opening a new training center in Chalon en Champagne, a very well located base for northern clients.

Anemos France is the first French training center in terms of delivering GWO certificats in February 2021.

Their aim is to always put clients’ needs first.

Our Services

Anemos France is specialized in the four obligatory GWO courses and has also extended its knowledge and field of competences for the onshore industry :

Anemos France Foto RescueAnemos France  Fire Foto Anemos France Foto TurbineAnemos France Foto Rescue turbine

Anemos France is also in partnership with the Greta 21 and Lycée Eiffel for BZEE courses and has been for several years.

There is one BZEE course per year from January to June (approximately 12 trainees per year)

Upcoming Training Events

Country City Code Topic Start End Price Language Details
DIJON GWO-Slinger Signaler GWO Slinger Signaller/Rigger Signal Person 05.10.2022 05.10.2022 - € Details
DIJON GWO-FAWR GWO Fire Awareness Refresher Training 07.11.2022 07.11.2022 175,00 € Details
DIJON GWO-FA GWO First Aid Basic Training 06.10.2022 07.10.2022 350,00 € Details