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Profile & History

The QHSE-Bildungsportal Team is part of the 8.2 group. 8.2 works on a national and international level in 33 engineering offices with a total of 130 experts.

The services offered by 8.2 include consulting services for and technical inspections on wind turbines on- or offshore, photovoltaic and biogas plants as well as electrical grids / grid integration. 8.2 has been advising operators of renewable energy plants for more than 25 years and has successfully completed more than 65,000 technical inspections and 20 GW technical due diligence projects worldwide.

This know-how is bundled in the latest addition to the services of the group:
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE).

In recent years we have noticed the ever-growing demand of plant operators and technical managers for a central quality, health, and safety tool to fulfil the legal demands on occupational safety.

Having identified the need our team set to work and developed a centralised QHSE-platform. The QHSE-Bildungsportal was born. QHSE-Bildungsportal is now one of the main services within the HSE scope of 8.2. Among other areas of application, it can be used to provide online trainings.

Our Services

We provide our clients with a highly adjustable digital platform that can be adapted to the clients’ individual needs to fulfil their legal obligations as operators as well as the requirements of occupational health and safety.

The platform allows you to:

The platform is aimed at supporting operators, plant managers, service companies and manufacturers in the field of renewable energies. It can be applied to provide employees as well as subcontractors with a 24/7 access to the clients’ electrotechnical instructions, safety instructions, operating and work instructions as well as relevant wind farm documents.

With their own account an employee can access the content independently and remotely and is automatically reminded to repeat instructions on a regular basis.
The tool can also be applied to transfer and organize the responsibility of the plant operator as part of the electrotechnical organization of the client.

The general manager or the company’s occupational safety specialist is provided with a clear display anddocumentation of the current and past state of the conducted instructions of each employee or subcontractor.

In the implementation stage of the platform the client can benefit from an extensive existing database of HSE-content.
With this digital tool our clients can therefore significantly reduce the time spent on providing and documenting laborious
instructions in health and safety. For further information please visit our website.

Additionally, we offer a specialized training for electrically instructed persons working with rotor blade access
and maintenance systems. The training completes the general instruction for electrically instructed persons
with respect to the following areas:

Please note that these courses are all digital

Upcoming Training Events

Country City Code Topic Start End Price Language Details
QBP-BZEE-EUPE EuP Instruction - Rotor Blade Access Systems - Digital instruction 01.01.2023 31.12.2023 200,00 € Details